Buben & Zorweg Nitro 4 Black Leather Watch Roll | Nitro 4

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Nitro 4 Black Leather Watch Roll: sleek design, compact size, soft velour interior to protect from dust/scratches, secure snap closure, lightweight - essential companion to store luxury watches.

Size: 12.04″ (L) x 4.17″ (W) x 3.18″ (H).

12.04″ (L) x 4.17″ (W) x 3.18″ (H).

Color: Black


Material: Leather

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Buben & Zorweg Nitro 4 portable black leather watch roll with silver stitching. Compact in size and with unmistakable design the Nitro is your loyal partner for storing your watches at home or when traveling. Thanks to the soft interior made of finest velour your watches are always protected from dust and scratches. The Nitro 4 is an ideal travel companion to keep your watches safe and secure with its secure snap closure and lightweight design. Keep your luxury watches organized and protected wherever you go. The Nitro 4 is perfect for storing luxury watches with its superior interior design and meticulously crafted exterior. Its sturdy material prevents scratches and retains its shape, while its compact size ensures convenient storage and transport. You can be sure that your watches will remain secure while you travel or just when you're at home.

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12.04″ (L) x 4.17″ (W) x 3.18″ (H).